CMS Main Features

To run your cocoa industry

Accurate Bio Data Capture

CMS incorporates accurate capturing, recording and profiling of farmers and enables verification of farmers anywhere across the country.

Weighing and Payment

CMS provides automated weighing and transaction recording services which is used to trigger an automated payment system to ensure speed and efficiency.

Efficient Input Distribution

CMS ensures efficient and secure input distribution built on the accurate and comprehensive farmer profiling

CMS Flow

How it works

CMS is an integrated IT solution comprising three main component parts i.e. the Purchasing System (APS), the Production Input System (PIS) and the secured Payment platform. The process of deploying the system include the following:

i. GIS registration of cocoa farmers across the country and the issuance of an RFID farmer card named the AKUAFO card to every farmer.

ii. The replacement of manual weighing scales with Automatic Electronic Scales (AES) to ensure expedited and accurate weighing of cocoa and the communication of transactional data of purchases at the buying centres to a Master Control Server (MCS) in real-time.

iii. The use of the CMS to distribute and monitor cocoa production inputs such as fertilizers, pesticides, insecticides etc. to farmers. A payment platform that gives the farmer flexibility to receive payments for their produce promptly through various payment points including mobile money.

Our Implementation Devices

Biometric POS

Data Collection and Input Distribution

Handheld Bio POS

Data Collection and Input Distribution

Automated Weighing Scale

Sales and Records

Barcode/Qrcode Printer

Traceability and Accontability

Cental Network

Management and Monitoring CMS

Member and Payment Cards

Identification, Sales and Payment


* POS for accurate bio(fingerprint) data collection and manipulation.

* Automated Scale for accurate weighing and weighing transaction transmission

* Barcode/Qrcode printer to ensure traceability of farm products along haulage chain

* AMS Central System for management of all other devices, data storage and analysis and report generation

* RFID enabled cards issued to registered stakeholders for identification

Benefits To Stakeholders


  • Accurate farmer data which includes (personal boo data and family die& size, location, yield, production inputs obtained etc.) lead to affective forecasting, planning and budgeting by COCOBOD and License Buying Companies (LBCs)

  • The Automatic Electronic Scale (AES) which transmit real-time accurate farmer sales transactions with LBCs and Purchasing Clerks ensures that farmers get paid in less than 24 hours and obtain value-for-money.

  • CMS leads to the reduction in administrative and financial cost at COCOBOD and LBCs, due to the elimination of paper based processes and also ensures efficiency in managing the cocoa supply-chain due to automation

  • Ensures traceability of cocoa bags to the point of purchase which supports quality control mechanisms along the entire cocoa supply chain.

  • The system provides accurate and prompt information on farmer location, yield and sales. This will enable banks and other payment agents to offer farmers loans and consumer hire-purchase schemes.

  • The system enhances other social interventions by COCCBOD such as, the Cocoa scholarship scheme and can enable the planned farmer pension scheme to become functional.


  • Accurate Farmer Biodata & farm GPS location, available online.

  • Cocoa purchasing process automated & accurate sales transactions between Purchasing Clerks and Farmers transmitted in real-time to COCOBOD & LBCs.

  • Efficient and transparent distribution of cocoa production inputs to ensure transparency.

  • Secured and prompt payment including mobile money for produce sold by farmers in 24 hours.

  • Increase in Cocoa farmer produce leading to additional income.

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